django_assets and coffeescript functions name conflicts

by Marius at 21-02-2017

During development of django application I use django_assets for assets management and auto generating proper output files(css,jss), which are already minimized, and in coffeescript case, are automatically compiled to JS. Before django_assets I used coffee -cw *.coffee command to compile my scripts, but now it's all done by django_assets, using ./manage assets watch. The problem is that JS files generated with the second method are not held in anonymous function by default, which caused me few problems, because I used the same name for functions in two separate scripts. For the time I used the first method for compiling coffeescripts everything worked fine.

The solution is quite simple i.e. you need to add variable COFFEE_NO_BARE=True to of your project.

Env spec: webassets==0.8 django-assets==0.8