About this blog

by Marius at 05-03-2017

A long time ago I created my first blog, I did not put much effort in developing it in a proper way. After publishing about three or four posts I literally abandon that website. About during the same time I bought this domain name with intend to create new blog, which will be better in many ways. Years have passed, I have gained new experience in web development and I decided about a year ago to build a new website.

From the very beginning I decided to create blog based on static website generator. Why would someone ask? The reason is quite obvious, as for now and I think near future I will be the only person to edit this website, so content growth will not be rather large. In fact using statically generated website, which is in addition stored in a GIT repository is easier for me to manage and use rather than dynamically generated website based on some database.

In many, or maybe in the most, cases I will publish here materials and posts connected with problems I find during my work.