Constructing articles: intro

by Marius at 1-03-2017

A long time ago I wrote my first article. In fact it was just a little longer lab report. How did I write that piece of text? I just sat down and started to write, everything in text, paragraph by paragraph, word by word. I was focused to deliver just text and think in that way. Even though in my real life I'm rather nonlinear thinker, I've been always preferring mindmaps and illustrations for presenting thoughts and ideas.

Recently I read an article about preparing public speeches and presentations. There was a very interesting idea, basically in that article authors proposed to use mindmaps in order to prepare actual content of the presentations. If one consider a single thought as one dimension of given space, then using mindmaps we create an object in N dimension's space. One must notice that the ,,thought'' is not just a single being, it is usually connected series of different sentences, pictures, visions. So then when one has created the mindmap considering given topic and want to prepare the article based on that map, then he must transform N dimension space into 1 dimension space, in fact linear space - mindmap is rather nonlinear.