Why I use LaTeX

by Marius at 11-03-2017

There was a time when I did not know many things about document editing. So I used text processors like MS Word and then OpenOffice untill I discovered LaTeX. Since that I have used LaTeX to many types of documents e.g. thesis, reports, articles, CV, different letters, manuals etc. In my opinion LaTeX can ease writing and editing documents larger than a few pages.

I have also expierience in using MS Word to edit large documents, and I must tell that it was not a nice expierience. I prefer to use LaTeX due to following advantages:

  • easy splitting documents into subdocuments
  • autogenerating indexes, counters etc.
  • full customization of look of a pages
  • many packages with extra features e.g. calendars, fonts, styles
  • mathematical formulas
  • vector graphic using TikZ and PGF
  • one can put all source files in version control system e.g. GIT

LaTeX has got also some disadvantages, especially for beginners and non programmers

  • one must learn in order to use
  • sometimes it is hard to deal with figures and tables

In general I think LaTeX is perfect for all sort of documents. In the near future I am going to create dedicated page which will contain examples of LaTeX documents I have created.