Learning by playing

by Marius at April 22 2017

This post was inspired by Katarzyna Rojewska post on tools/games that help children learn to code. Unfortunately this post is only avaiable in Polish.

A long time ago I ...

The taskrunner of my choice

by Marius at April 1 2017

In times of constant change we, developers, in many cases need to repeat actions that are time consuming but not so creative. During development of a piece of software I ...

DSP2017: Development environment setup

by Marius at March 21 2017

After a long delay in developing autocactus I manage to set up a development environment, which after the development period will become a production environment. I probably erase inbox and ...

Z shell

by Marius at March 20 2017

There was a time when I used Bash as default system shell. I think most of linux users use Bash as it is the default shell preinstalled with most of ...

DSP2017: MongoDB installation

by Marius at March 11 2017

Introduction to MongoDB

In order to start development of a given product or application one must first configure a proper environment.

As MongoDB documentation states it is an open-source document ...

Why I use LaTeX

by Marius at March 11 2017

There was a time when I did not know many things about document editing. So I used text processors like MS Word and then OpenOffice untill I discovered LaTeX. Since ...

About this blog

by Marius at March 5 2017

A long time ago I created my first blog, I did not put much effort in developing it in a proper way. After publishing about three or four posts I ...

DSP2017: Initial commit

by Marius at March 2 2017

I added few files in the git repo, which is available here. Readme file was added as long as main files for microservices checker and publisher.

More is comming soon;).

DSP2017: Introduction

by Marius at March 2 2017

This project is mainly to make easier posting posts at this blog. I decided to write a piece of service, which I will install on my server. This service will ...

Constructing articles: intro

by Marius at March 1 2017

A long time ago I wrote my first article. In fact it was just a little longer lab report. How did I write that piece of text? I just sat ...

Adobe Connect diall inn sequence add

by Marius at March 1 2017

To add diall-in sequence one need to include all steps in a single call of api e.g. link

Uploading files for Adobe Connect teleconference using API

by Marius at February 21 2017

To upload file for the given teleconference it should be taken 2 steps:

  • create new sco-content with type of content and folder-id of the given teleconference sco-id we got new ...

django_assets and coffeescript functions name conflicts

by Marius at February 21 2017

During development of django application I use django_assets for assets management and auto generating proper output files(css,jss), which are already minimized, and in coffeescript case, are automatically compiled ...

My first post

by Marius at February 16 2017

This is the very first post at this blog. Just to test if everything's is working correctly.