I Love creating designing developing researching

Whenever you need a developer, application architect, scientist or consultant, you are always welcome to contact.

Speeds Up Solutions

Thanks to wide experience in many areas of application development, algorithm optimization and data processing acceleration using multiprocess (MPI), multi-threaded (OpenMP, native) and GPGPU (CUDA) approaches.

User Experience Focused

User experience is the most valuable for us. The key to provide the best final product or solution is to directly focus on user needs.

Always Learning

Everyday brings new challenge and new things to learn, new programming language, library, tools etc. To stay on top, one need to continuously develop yourself in many areas.



Custom made polls system. It provides two types of polls: normal and schedule. Normal poll enable user to create a poll consisting with questions of following types: text, single select and multiselect. Schedule poll enable user to create poll to choose time and date for given event.


Custom made interface to create and manage teleconferences(meetings) at Adobe Connect platform.

Autocactus in progress

Project link


Set of microservices to autodeploy posts at cactus blog.



My name is Marius. I'm interested in programming, which is what I'm doig for living. I'm also interested in numerical computations, electromagnetics, data analysis and all other stuff connected with latest technologies.

I have expierience with the following languages/technologies/frameworks:

  • Python, web framework: Django, libraries: NymPy/SciPy,Matplotlib etc.
  • C/C++, libraries: Boost
  • Fortran90
  • code optimalization using multithreading/multiprocessing with OpenMP, MPI, CUDA
  • signal processing
  • web techonologies: LESS/CSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML
  • documents editing and creating with LaTeX
  • CST MWS and Comsol simulations